Audio & Music Production

  • Ernie Bird is specialized in recording cast albums, theatre orchestras, classical music, electronic & vintage,  folk-pop, acoustic, piano-heavy genres.
  • Flexible, quick learner, detail-oriented, reliable and creative leader, and equally devoted assistant
  • Proficient in Neve 88RS, API: Legacy+, SSL Duality SE, Avid System 5, Behringer, Yamaha
  • Proficient in Pro Tools, Logic, Adobe Audition, Reason, Cubase; Sibelius, Dorico
  • Professional musical theatre composer, arranger, and orchestrator.
  • More than 6 years of experience in audio production, recording & mixing

Podcasting – What Will She Do Next?

Words and Narration by Gabrielle Mirabella, Music Composition and Production by Ernie Bird

Broadway stars, historical women, and family-friendly showstoppers. Musical theatre writing team Bird & Mirabella present a musical podcast focused on key, decision-making moments in the lives of history’s greatest women. Through interactive storytelling and Broadway-style song, What Will She Do Next? keeps children searching for an answer, while ultimately learning a lesson in perseverance.

Ernie Bird does composition, arranging, music production, audio & dialogue editing, mixing, sound effects & foley, and gets the finished product ready for publishing on podcasting platforms.

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Check out the songs from the WWSDN Podcast:

Scoring Examples

Podcast Background Music

Theatre Production

Songs composed, orchestrated, engineered & mixed by Ernie Bird

Orchestrated by Susan Leman; recorded at BPC, Boston

Quick demo for an online event:

Theatrical Covers:

Musical Theatre Covers arranged and orchestrated by Joey Epstein

Ernie Bird record engineered, audio edited & mixed various musical theatre covers, as well as originals

Pop Production

He & He – Acoustic Pop Album

Music & Lyrics by Eric Gaudette & Ernie Bird (He & He duo)

Arranged & Produced by Ernie Bird. Recorded live at Boston Record Co; 2018

Electronic – Berklee Nomination for AES Recording Competition

Various Projects for clients:

IDIOM Productions – Jazz

Arranged by Oleg Smirnov

Ernie Bird record engineered and edited various projects.

Rearragement demo:


Earlier production:

I USE – music & screenwriting by Ernie Bird (2013)

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