Podcast for Kids: What Will She Do Next?

Words and Narration by Gabrielle Mirabella, Music Composition and Production by Ernie Bird

Broadway stars, historical women, and family-friendly showstoppers. Musical theatre writing team Bird & Mirabella present a musical podcast focused on key, decision-making moments in the lives of history’s greatest women. Through interactive storytelling and Broadway-style song, What Will She Do Next? keeps children searching for an answer, while ultimately learning a lesson in perseverance.

Ernie Bird does composition, arranging, music production, audio & dialogue editing, mixing, sound effects & foley, and gets the finished product ready for publishing on podcasting platforms.

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For more info, visit www.whatwillshedo.com

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RISE – A Proletarian Musical

Book and Lyrics by Gabrielle Mirabella, Music by Ernie Bird

Rise is a musical adaptation of Jack & Jill starring two hungry, little girls stuck at the bottom of society, and their highly demanding mistress. Set to an early-Soviet, contemporary musical-theatre score, Rise mixes dark themes such as violence and poverty with lightning-fast physical comedy.


  • Finalist of the Theatre Now 7th Sound Bites 10-minute Musical Competition, 2020

Development & Performances:

  • Workshop at NYU Tisch, NYU; April 2019
  • Professional recording at Gary’s Electric Studio, NYC; December 2019
  • The Seventh Annual Festival of 10-Minute Musicals, Merkin Hall at Kaufman Music Center, NYC; April 22nd, 2020–postponed to September 30th

Return to Grace – A Biblical Unraveling

Book by Gabrielle Mirabella, Lyrics by Jessie Field, Music by Ernie Bird

Our planet is changing… The weather is unpredictable, flora and fauna are disappearing en masse, and disease spreads across our globe at an alarming rate. Our story begins with a young girl on a park bench, waiting for her Father to return. Her name is Grace, and although she does not know it, she is humanity’s last hope. What starts as a mission to find God and save the world, becomes a journey towards healing, starring the Bible’s most infamous characters. Return to Grace hopes to challenge what you thought you knew about these outcasts and the stories that define them. 

Development & Performances:

  • Developed at NYU Tisch Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, NYC, June 2019 – May 2020. Advisory: Rachel Sheinken, Mel Marvin & Zach Redler
  • Stage reading with AEA actors at NYU Tisch; April 8th, 2020–canceled
  • Online table read; May 6, 2020

Dotted Line – A New Musical

Book, Lyrics & Music by Ernie Bird

In the spicy 1917, a young idealistic journalist and Kiev dweller Petro is pulled into a red chain of unpredictable events, that includes spreading Tsarist propaganda, fighting for the right left cause, becoming a communist, capturing enemies of the people and… hallucinating; in the city where people don’t know what country they’ll wake up in tomorrow, drinking their lives away. Dotted Line is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to walk on the tiny dotted line between being a hero of the future, and a murderer of the past; a tragicomic train that drives through genuine love, the quirky farce of the pre-Soviet era, loyalty to justice, blind fanaticism, spy games, and the unthinkable mistakes human nature is capable of.


  • Winner of Curtain Up Musical Theatre Songwriting Competition 2017
  • Semi-finalist of International Songwriting Competition 2017

Development & Performances:

  • In the process of development since 2016
  • “On The Dotted Line” song staged & produced at Berklee Performance Center, Boston; March 2017
  • “Rule The World” song written, arranged for a 17-piece orchestra, recorded and produced at Berklee College of Music, Boston; May 2017
  • “The Train” song performed at the Berklee Night at Dixon Place, NYC, January 11, 2020

Future Timeline:

  • First draft of the play without music by August 31st, 2020
  • First draft of the show with music by June 1st, 2021
  • First stage reading by August 2021

Soroka – On The Wings of Love

Book & Lyrics by Trinity Chen, Music by Ernie Bird

Loosely based on an Asian myth the Weaver and the Cowherd, Soroka tells a story about two lovers who are physically and mentally separated for a lifetime by wars, political persecution, and traditions.

Development & Performances:

  • Developed at NYU Tisch Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, NYC, June 2019 – May 2020. Advisors: Sarah Schlessinger, Fred Carl, Donna DiNovelli
  • Online table read; May 4, 2020
  • Stage reading with AEA actors at NYU Tisch; May 12, 2020–canceled

He & He – Acoustic Pop Album

Music & Lyrics by Eric Gaudette & Ernie Bird (He & He duo)

Arranged & Produced by Ernie Bird. Recorded live at Boston Record Co; 2018

IDIOM Productions – Jazz

Arranged by Oleg Smirnov

Ernie Bird record engineered and edited various projects.

Joey Epstein – Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Covers arranged and orchestrated by Joey Epstein

Ernie Bird record engineered, audio edited & mixed various musical theatre covers, as well as originals